Company Profile

    Foshan Shunjiaxing Steel Co.,Ltd. is located in the famous stainless steel production base - Jinchang International Metal Exchange Plaza.Our company focuses on high grade decorative building materials and stainless steel surface treatment such as Polishing, PVD Coating,Embossing, Plating, Etching, Sandblasting, Wire drawing,Anti-fingerprint and our major colors have Black Titanium,Sapphire,Gold Titanium,Coffee,Tea,Violet,Bronze,Brass,Rose Gold,Rose Red,Emerald,Champagne etc.according to customers' request.Adhering to the high standard quality requirements and competitive market prices, our products are widely sold at local market and abroad.

    In recent years, based on long-term cooperation system, we gradually created a complete supply system based on stainless steel, copper and other metal materials surface deep processing.Provide customers with one-stop solutions for metal products.

    We sincerely hope to establish friendly business relationships with you on the basis of equality and mutual benefits.We are always ready to supply you the best quality products.
Looking forward to working with you!

Corporate culture concept

Corporate purpose: grow together and share success
We grow up with our employees to realize our employees’ pursuit of the  business and to recognize and transcend ourselves - to create  opportunities for employees
We grow with our customers and share the joy of asset appreciation with our customers - creating value for our customers
Partners grow together, sharing resources, complementing each other's strengths, combining strengths and building brilliance
We grow together with society, promote national economic development,  and promote national scientific and technological progress - to create  benefits for society
Entrepreneurial spirit: innovation, pragmatism, dedication and efficiency
Innovation is the soul of the company and the eternal motive force of career development
To tell the truth, come up with practical tips, do practical things, and be practical
Respect, respect your profession, treat your career with respect and devotion, and regard your profession as a vocation
Think of it, do it immediately, start it quickly, absorb it quickly, change it quickly, and act quickly
operating strategy:
Market-oriented, led by products and sales, supported by brands and services, and based on technology research and development
Management mode:
People-centered. Employees are the owners of the company. The work is for the company  and the individual to grow together. At the same time, the work is  better and reflects their value.
Performance-oriented, comprehensive evaluation of employees in terms of morality, ability and performance
Focus on institutionalization, process, and standardization
Emphasis on resource integration, including technical resources, market resources, human resources
Efficiency principle, satisfaction principle
Our talent concept:
Our people are all talents, regardless of qualifications or age
A person who can promote the development of the company, create  benefits for the company, and take the company as its own business
Talent is our most valuable asset
Talent promotes the development of the company. The development of the  company provides a broader space and better conditions for the  development of the employees.
Based on the company’s common goals and overall image, the company advocates individuality
Pursue interesting work, like-minded colleagues, healthy body, open mind, optimistic spirit

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